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Winter hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday; Sunday hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Magic Garden in Bloom!
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Tony Sarah, our resident horticulturist has just developed his own all organic fertilizer called Earth’s Original Organics


Nursery & Landscape

Created 21 years ago by Sandy Sarah, our goal is to help you be successful gardening in Tucson

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Winter Veggies and Flowers Have Arrived

Check out our great selection of winter veggies in 6 packs and 4 inch pots. There’s also a great selection of herbs.

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Gardening Success in the Desert

Sandy, aka ‘The Mom’ created The Magic Garden 20 years ago. No longer able to climb tall ladders and leap to the ground, she is the general Jill of all trades. She still finds time to work with Tabby, her rescued Boxer and ride her lovely Arabian mare, CiCi. She also swims regularly.

CiCi08032014Sandy CiCi 122016Sandy LOVES to paint

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Earth’s Original Organics

Earth’s Original Tony Sarah, native Tucsonan and horticulturist recently created his own organic fertilizer that’s been receiving rave reviews from local gardeners. He’s also our landscape and irrigation specialist. Landscape License ROC #169856.

Master Nursery Garden Centers

Master We’re proud to be a member of Master Nursery Garden Centers, a nationally acclaimed cooperative and home to the famous Bumper Crop Soil Conditioner.